Building Materials

Building Materials

Whether you choose from our standard range or opt for a bespoke design, all Chiltern Garden Buildings are manufactured to the same exacting standards.

​The buildings require a solid foundation such as a concrete base 100mm (4 inches) in depth, decking or stone patio. A base construction service is available.


Each Chiltern Garden Building is handcrafted using carefully selected and seasoned Redwood from the superbly managed forests of Northern Scandinavia.

This highly durable timber is perfect for the construction of our garden buildings and, when treated, will give many years of useful life.


Canadian Western Red Cedar is offered as an option to the Scandinavian Redwood in the construction of our buildings.

This beautiful highly durable timber with its natural preservative elements is low maintenance and will last for decades.


Cape Reed is harvested in South Africa.

This natural material is solid throughout, it is hard wearing, long lasting and requires no maintenance with a life expectancy of 6 – 10 years.

Cape Reed comes as standard on all Chiltern garden buildings.


Western Red Cedar Shingles can be offered over Thatch.

This beautiful extremely durable timber with it’s natural preservative elements is sourced from the well managed forests of Canada.

Cedar shingles are low maintenance and with the minimum of aftercare will last for decades.

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    Elevated Position


    Bright-finish Ceilings

    Aston – £180

    Fawley – £210

    Chalfont – £240

    Burford – £290

    Hambleden – £390

    Glass Table Tops


    Heaters and Lighting

    Our range of infra-red heaters are available from 1.5kw to 6kw to suit all Chiltern Garden Buildings. For lighting your Gazebo LED spotlight kits (including transformer, cables, and switch) are supplied by us.

    Model LHP 330 Range

    • New Three sided re-designed shape
    • 3kW output
    • Uses medium wave infra-red technology.
    • Available with or without half power setting
    • RRP. £290.00

    Model LHP 420 SHORT-WAVE Range

    • New Four sided 2kW design with short-wave element
    • Instant response low glare elements.
    • Available with standard ruby lamps or Rose-gold lamps.
    • Available with or without 4W LED light
    • RRP £350.00

    Model LHP 630 SHORT-WAVE Range

    • New Six sided 3kW design with short-wave elements
    • Instant response low glare elements.
    • Half Power setting. 1.5kW half power. 3 kW full power.
    • 4W LED down-light – can be wired separately
    • RRP £500.00

    Model LHP 630MW LED

    • Traditional Six sided 3kW design with 500W cassettes.
    • Medium-wave Infra-red elements.
    • Half power setting. 1.5kW half power. 3kW full power.
    • 4W LED down-light – can be wired separately.
    • RRP £499.99

    Model LHP 660MW

    • Traditional Six sided 6kW design with 500W cassettes.
    • Medium-wave Infra-red elements.
    • Half power setting. 3kW half power.  6kW full power.
    • 4W LED down-light – can be wired separately. 
    • RRP £599.00

    Spotlight set

    • From £349.00.

    Canvas Sides & Roof Linings

    Our canvas side panels and roof liners are manufactured from a highly durable heavy duty canvas. Full or half size fitted windows can be ordered for the side panels.

    The canvas colours are Sand or Olive Green.

    -Half window in canvas panels (each) from £80 + VAT

    -Full window in canvas panels (each) from £150 + VAT

    -Timber side panels available

    Fabrics & Cushions

    Our cushions are made using a high performance fabric, providing comfort and luxury in demanding environments.

    Available from a choice of 32 colors.