When to Re-thatch Your Gazebo

Since 2004, we have supplied and installed many thatched gazebos throughout the country. In that time we have used our knowledge and expertise to develop our specialist rethatch service, not only for our own buildings but mainly for all other manufacturers of luxury thatched gazebos. The following information is offered from our experience over the years from working on a multitude of thatched garden buildings.

What to look out for:

  • Signs of decomposing
  • Growth of moss and lichen and the presence of mildew
  • Loose and broken reed
  • Staining and mildew appearing on the underside of the ply/canvas roof lining

How long does a thatch roof last?

The lifespan of Cape Reed thatch tiles is approximately 4-8 years dependant on your environment and location in the country. Another factor to be considered is the positioning of the building in your garden; for example close to or beneath tree canopies and/or large shrubs can slow down the process of the thatch drying out after heavy rainfall and deposits of fallen leaves, pine needles etc. will also affect the natural aging process of the thatch and its longevity.

Loose and broken reed

Loose or broken reed stems will lead to water ingression deeper into the roof, affecting the plywood or canvas roof lining and will also allow access for insects to nest, especially wasps, as well as inviting birds to collect material for their nests.

Other signs of thatch tile deterioration

The growth of moss, lichen and presence of mildew will also be an indication that the time is approaching to re-thatch the building.

Gazebo canvas roof lining

For gazebos with metal roofs and canvas roof liners, check for puddling in the lining together with staining; this is an indication that the thatch needs replacing and if left without action will lead to the canvas needing replacing.

Gazebo plywood roof lining

For gazebos with a plywood roof lining, check for signs of staining and mould as this is evidence that the thatch has decomposed to the extent where there is no protection from inclement weather. If no action is taken, the plywood roof lining as well as the thatch will need replacing.

Chiltern Garden Buildings Re-thatch Service

Chiltern Garden Buildings specialise in re-thatching gazebos by all manufacturers. We offer a nationwide service at competitive rates.

Please email or call for a quote.

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